Saturday, October 04, 2008


This morning I woke up and it was all rainy outside. I opened some windows to smell it and was looking at what wooly sweater to wear to go walk around in it when I found that moths have been into my sweaters. Horror of horrors.

That's the smaller of the two holes they made. The larger of the two went in a zigzag shape right next to it. Fucking moths, they always go for the very middle of the front of the sweater.

But it's recession time, people, no time for idly tossing a perfectly good sweater that is wooly and soft and light and warm just because it has holes. Also, this is the one sweater I took with me when backpacking and on more that one occasion allowed people I had become separated from to spot me in a crowd-- which was very useful because I had the only key to the room we were staying it at the time.

So I darned, dammit, I darned.

My mom was right about putting sweaters in plastic bags.

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