Thursday, March 12, 2009

Depression Breakfast

Ever since I read How To Cook A Wolf earlier this year, I've been more and more interested in this cooking to survive idea.

I guess I also made a movie about this too.

But cooking is kind of magical -- you take these elements that on their own are pretty inert or at least uninteresting (handful of flour: not delicious) and the way you combine them in what ratios and what temperatures brings this new thing into the world that is nourishing and pleasurable. No wonder there's this child chef thing going on right now.

I think Depression-era cooking is particularly magical because you can take the most cast-off and dull tidbits of edibles and work this same magic.

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SHL said...

Does she also have an episode about ketchup soup and wish sandwiches?

PS Vancouver is grim! Like the 30s.