Friday, June 12, 2009

So Get Off Your Ath, Let's Do Some Math, Math Math Math Math Math

So I have a massive pile of receipts that I need to reconcile with my bank statements so that I can figure out how much I’ve been spending and on what. Not the most fun thing ever.

But look, here’s an excuse for continued laziness: you can use this checksum technique on your restaurant bills to mathematically “lock” your total so servers don’t give themselves tips off your credit card that you didn’t authorize, no receipt-checking required. Clever.

Is this paranoid? Yes, but so is tearing my name and address out of all junk mail I receive and taking it to work for shredding. A month ago I spotted a hobo going through my recycling bin looking not for bottles but for paper, specifically mail. Creepy.

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Kat said...

Have you checked out My friend introduced me to it recently and I find it very interesting to have all my purchases tracked and then pie-charted.