Monday, August 04, 2008

I Am Totally Obsessed With My Three-Year-Old Cousin

One, he looks like a sumo wrestler. A little one. Two, he calls his dad by his first name. Three, he really digs Placido Domingo. I could go on from there. Some where in the long list of awesomeness: the kid is preternaturally dapper sometimes. When you have a chunk of hair missing from your bangs and a dinner party guest is rude enough to ask you who cut it? Make direct eye contact, say, "myself" and change the subject.

And hey, if all eyes are upon you at the dinner table when someone is encouraging you to squeeze their thumb as hard as you can in and in your herculean efforts, you accidentally let one fly, chuckle along with everyone else like the good natured little champ you are.

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