Monday, January 12, 2009

Joining the Milk Line

I went to the grocery store last Monday night because I, like everyone else in the entire city, just got back from holiday and needed milk. It was around 8:40 at night. The company line from the staff was that they were doing inventory, but I went to the milk fridge and there wasn't any milk there.

Well, to be totally accurate, there were four cartons of organic unseparated milk, but who's going to gag that down? No milk. Also, no bread. People were wandering the aisles in a daze. It felt like communist Russia.

Was this a shipping problem? Did the huge demand for post-holiday perishable essentials take the city by storm? Does this have to do with the economy? Is there more of this to come?

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K & B said...

hey, some friends of ours here said that happened to them at Save-On in early January too!! no milk, no bread... harbingers?
bread i wouldn't miss so much but milk... no milk for tea!? i need to buy a cow.