Monday, January 12, 2009


While in Vancouver, next year's Olympics were a frequent topic of discussion. With only a few variations, here's how the conversations went:

Discussion topic #1: Did you get tickets? We put in for tickets in the draw and got only biathlon.

Discussion topic #2: The IOC is so stupid that they threw down with Cirque de Soleil about creative control of the opening ceremonies and now Cirque is outie.

Discussion topic #3: Are you renting your house out?

Applause to Stacie's husband Darryl for the most illuminating suggestion re: topic #2 -- "Okay, so the lights are down in the stadium and you hear a rhythmic "crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch" and then the lights slowly come up and the stadium is full of two thousand and ten guys in perfect formation crushing beer cans against their heads" After this suggestion, we laughed very hard and then talked about Neil Young for half an hour. I know, eh?

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