Monday, July 20, 2009

You Built A Time Machine Out of a Car

When I was a teenager I went to a drama festival and the head adjudicator was this really wonderful stage actor Scott Bellis. I can't even remember what play we put up, or maybe I was just watching a friend's play. Anyway, when he got up at the end of the festival to talk about the plays, he stood there on the empty black box stage and walked around a bit and said, "You can do anything up here". And I had one of those profound moments when you are a teenager where that information suddenly seems like the newest piece of insight ever at the same time that it's something that you've know all along, and a whole world opens up.

I was already really into theatre, but thinking of the revelation of that moment made me return again and again to loving plays and how they create whole worlds in infinite succession on a tired old piece of black stage. Because it wasn't just that he said that, but also that he made it true the moment he said it.

And when I find things like this online, I feel that way all over again.

Because holy shit, this guy is amazing! Do people help him? His friends from high school? Does he work in a pay parking booth and write all the music at work (by the way, strongly recommend working in a pay parking booth if you need to get some desk work done)?

I love the internet for letting this guy make this stuff and letting us all see it. It's the best kind of nonsense, just like movies and plays and Van Gogh and Rolling Stone lyrics and the bible.

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