Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tonight You Belong To Me

When my old roommate Rebecca moved off to Jordan, she left a lot of stuff in the house for me to use, including one of her ukuleles. I played guitar a bit when I was a kid so it wasn't hard to pick it up and thanks to the internet, it's not hard to learn the basic adjustments of uke versus guitar. I played a song to my mom over the phone, which she complained about, because I played it really badly. But when I was up in Vancouver recently, she asked me why I don't play that song from The Jerk.

On looking for it, I found this girl, who is hopefully no longer posting stuff on YouTube because she's working on an album, because wowie geez is her voice pretty. Pretty song too. Now I just have to learn this tune and find a fellow who plays the trumpet to walk along the beach with me.


Brendan said...

Hey Marshy. This is Katie and my friend James, who is a professional ukelele player.

Anonymous said...

oh, how beautiful! i listened to it three times in a row.